The Phuket Coconut Tradition

Our Community & Sustainable Agriculture

Our Belief

Phuket Coconut was started on the premise of creating great coconut products that fundamentally changes the way people think about their relationship to packaged coconut water available in the market. Our team is driven by an obsessive passion for delivering better experiences, as well as a core belief that we can be more responsible towards consumers’ health, local community and the environment.

Our Beginning

Phuket Coconut’s tradition begins with a mother, who commercially grew coconuts in Phuket to supply fresh coconut for hotels and resorts. She founded coconut business in 1994 with the mission of making the goodness of the finest fruit accessible to everyone. In 2016, her nephew rehabilitated the business and pioneered a process to preserve the authentic taste of Nam Hom coconuts and make them accessible throughout the world. We are now well-known as Phuket Coconut.

We’ve been producing coconut products for more than 70 years and still bring the same passion to the process as when we first started. See what we are doing to bring you the best-tasting, most nutritious coconut water possible.

Our Community

Phuket Coconut is based in Thailand where the best aromatic young Thai coconuts are originated. Our factory is now situated in Samut Songkhram province where the soil, water and weather are the most suitable for aromatic coconut tree. These provide the best and unique tasting coconut water in the world.

Sustainable Organic Agriculture

Our local coconut farmers would never expose their coconut trees to harmful chemical or synthetic pesticides. Instead, we apply biological control method by allowing the predator insects to prevent the potentially harmful parasites from spoiling our crop.

– Every plantation is under restricted control on pest with the natural course to reduce chemical usage.

– Dedicately handpicked between 25-30 days when the taste and nutritions level reaches their climax.

– Best practices & Adaptive technologies for a sustainable future

— Eco-Friendly Based Business —