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Frequent Asked Questions

1. How should I store Phuket Coconut?
Phuket Coconut must always be kept in the refrigerator at 0-4 degree Celsius at all time. Coconut water must be consumed immediately once opened, just like fresh coconut from the nut.
3. Does Phuket Coconut contain sugar?

Phuket Coconut Water based juices only contain sugars provided naturally by the coconut water. Our raw water contains no added sugar or any artificial additives.

5. Phuket Coconut Water contains potassium. What is potassium good for?
Phuket coconut water is a very good source of potassium. 100 ml of coconut water contains approximately 200 mg of potassium – as much as a banana. Studies show that potassium may be important for heart health and for regulating blood pressure and other body systems. Consuming coconut water with potassium may help reduce the risk of hypertension & stroke. See more in Goodness
7. What is the Nutritional composition of Phuket Coconut Water?

Look for Nutrition Information at the back of the bottle

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9. Is Phuket Coconut Water Kosher?
11. Is Phuket Coconut Water Vegan?
13. Does Phuket Coconut Water use recycled packaging materials?

Our bottle uses PET plastic which is considered the safest single-use plastic bottle choice and also 100% recyclable. It is significantly lighter than other plastics which means less fuel and fewer resources are used to make, fill and transport each bottle, hence reducing Phuket’s carbon footprint and making PET the most environmentally sound choice.

15. I’m pregnant. Can I drink Phuket Coconut Water?
17. When is the best time to drink Coconut Water?
Coconut water is a great choice for a quick whole-body rehydration during and after workouts. Because Phuket coconut water based juices are naturally low in calories, taste great and have so many health benefits, you should feel free to drink them anytime as a source of guilt-free refreshment.
19. Once opened, how long will Phuket Coconut Water last if refrigerated?
We recommend that once opened, Phuket Coconut Water is best consumed immediately, and of course, it must be kept refrigerated at all times!
21. What coconut varieties go into my Phuket drink?
Our Coconut Water uses a selection of native Thai coconut varieties that are blended to provide optimum taste
23. How are the coconuts picked off the trees?
All of our coconuts are manually harvested to ensure perfect ripeness
25. How many coconuts would an average tree produce in 1 year?
Between 70 and 85 coconuts depending upon the age of the palm tree and environmental factors.
27. How fresh is Phuket Coconut Water?

Phuket Coconut Water is processed within 6 hours after sourcing and is bottled within minutes of cracking the coconuts. See more at the bottom of Home Page (Process)

29. What is Cold-Crafted technique (CCT)?
Cold-Crafted technique is a way to extend the refrigerated shelf life of foods without heat. Most packaged coconut water is heat pasteurized in order to reduce cost and allow non-refrigerated storage and transportation. Sadly, this also means that the taste, color, aroma and nutrition of thermally processed coconut water is adversely affected during the heat pasteurization process and continues to decline across the entire shelf life of the finished product
31. What is the difference between CCT and heat processing?
Heat processing affects small molecules such as flavors and aromas which can result in the loss or modification of flavors, particularly in the case of Coconut Water which is very heat sensitive
33. What are the risks of consuming coconut water after its “best before date”?
Our “best before date” has been set to consistently deliver optimum quality. Beyond the “best before date” quality may decline below levels that meet our stringent criteria
2. Why does my Phuket Coconut turn pink?
The pink hue is a natural process caused by the oxidation of the polyphenolics those naturally present in young coconut water. It is our promise to you that Phuket Coconut is 100% cold-crafted.
4. Phuket Coconut Water is isotonic but what does isotonic mean?

With respect to our body, young coconut water is isotonic – which means it contains essential salts and minerals in a perfect concentration and proportion that are close tot hat food in human cells. As a result, coconut water is easily absorbed into and rapidly replenishes human cells.

6. How many calories are in Phuket Coconut Water?

Less than 100 calories per 250 mL coconut water (equivalent to single coconut)

See more in Nutrition Information at the back of the bottle

8. Is Phuket Coconut Water Organic?
Our coconut water is naturally grown but not yet certified organic, however, the coconuts we use are certified Non-GMO and are farmed sustainably.
10. Is Phuket Coconut Water Gluten Free?
12. Is Phuket Coconut Water Halal?
14. I’m allergic to nuts. Can I drink Coconut Water?
Coconuts are tree nuts and therefore are classified in the category of “major food allergens” under the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (FALCP). While allergic reactions to coconut water are extremely rare, if you have a nut allergy, please seek medical advice before consuming any coconut water based juices or drinks
16. Can I give Phuket Coconut Water to my baby?
Yes. In countries where coconuts are grown, it is common for fresh coconut water to be given to babies in addition to milk as a source of natural hydration
18. How much Coconut Water can I drink daily?

Coconut water is a naturally healthy, low calorie juice that fits perfectly into the FDA recommended consumption of, at least, two liters every day

20. Can I freeze my Phuket Coconut Water?
We do not recommend that you freeze our products as freezing may adversely affect taste and overall quality
22. What is the age of the coconuts?
Depending on variety and time of year, the coconuts used to pack Phuket Coconut Water are harvested at just the perfect maturity to deliver the optimum taste and quality.
24. How many coconuts are needed for a 250mL bottle?
The coconuts we use contain 180mL to 285mL of coconut water, so a 250mL bottle is made from 1-2 coconuts
26. What does Phuket do with the empty coconut husks?
Coconut husks are a natural by-product and have various sustainable uses, such as a soil amendment for organic farming.
28. Coconut husks are a natural by-product and have various sustainable uses, such as a soil amendment for organic farming.
Phuket Coconut Water is bottled and cold-crafted at source in Thailand where we believe the best tasting and aromatic coconuts are grown. Phuket Coconut Water is never made from concentrate and our unique Cold-Crafted technique ensures we capture and retain all the natural ‘fresh taste’, aroma and nutrition you enjoy
30. What are the benefits of Cold-Crated technique (CCT)?
CCT is a non-thermal technique to pasteurize food which contains and preserves the full and complete flavor & aroma profile of Phuket Coconut Water. The juice is kept chilled throughout our process prior to bottling which minimizes the loss of volatile flavors.
32. Why is Coconut Water made from Fresh Coconuts better than one made from Concentrate?
Fresh coconut water has better flavor, aroma and more nutrients because it has not been heat treated; which removes and distorts delicate flavors, nutrients and essences
34. Can I drink Coconut Water than has not been chilled?
Just as with many other premium food products, Phuket Coconut Water requires refrigeration to insure optimum quality and safety. You should not drink Phuket coconut water if you suspect that it has not been kept chilled